Who We Are

Tactical Operation and Protection Canine (TOP K-9) is currently managed by former and active servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) who were trained in many different Military/Police Specialized Courses grouped together to form a company that will apply the one of most effective approach with regards to scientific method in training K9 Dogs and Handlers while using the most recent and up to date explosive training aids currently used by Commercial Blasters and both Local or International Terrorists.

It is trusted partner of the Regional Bomb Squad Police Regional Office CALABARZON (RBS PRO-CALABARZON) as Civilian Volunteers/Honorary Member/Force Multipliers that supports the group of Policemen/Bomb Squad team in carrying out its Mission such as conduct of Paneling and Intensive Searches, VIP Security and Protection, Bomb Threat Clearing Operations, Unattended Package Clearing and other operations that require the use of K9 Explosive Detector Dogs within areas of Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and Quezon.
Our staff, trainers and handlers follows the strict guidelines and standards used by different K9 Training discipline abroad and those regulations being set forth by the Philippine National Police, Civil Security Group, Supervisory Office for Security and Investigation Agencies, Canine Management Division (PNP, CSG, SOCIA, CMD) in terms of Handler/Dog training and testing in order to boost efficiency of each K9 Teams before during and after deployment.
As we all know the serious threat posed to the general public with the illegal use of explosives (Due to pilferage or those used and perpetrated by terrorist), firearms, disgruntled persons, terminated employees, psychologically troubled individuals and the like which makes an ugly reality of today’s world. To prevent this, our team can work closely with your current security personnel in effectively carrying out its mission. Our K9 unit can identify and indicate the presence of explosive materials using the ability of our dogs to discriminate different scent odors. Search can be made in vehicles, package, bags, venues/rooms for clearing purposes and those items/materials suspected to be containing bombs or explosives.