Our Team

We're proud to have assembled the finest and devoted individuals in the industry


Administrator / Licensee

A medical practitioner BS Midwifery graduate that has passion for working dogs. Formerly practiced at La Carlota City Health Office Clinic, Negros Occidental. Also volunteered at City Medical Response team and Negros First Blood Center. Also a breeder farmer of different farm animals at Brgy Sibucao, San Enrique, Negros Occidental and tied up with the Negros First Provincial Livestock Management Services. She underwent training on Security Industries Regulations Seminar (SIRS Batch 48) hosted by PNP SOSIA and PADPAO Region 4A to upgrade qualifications set forth by said government office and support its campaign to further boost professional security services in the country.

Her passion in breeding animals led her to manage the TOP K9 service providing company that specializes in dog training while enhancing partnership with the Law enforcement authorities for the maintenance of peace and order in the community by giving free canine services upon request of the Philippine National Police, Rizal Province during emergency situations such as bomb threat and bombing situations. She was recently awarded recognition by the Force Commander of Regional Mobile Force Battalion 4A and the company was designated as Force Multiplier to support the unit’s mission in combating terrorism.


Detection Trainer

He was an experienced trainer of this firm and has produced several explosive detector dogs (EDD) which were bought by different security agencies and leading K9 service providers. He was also an awarded the Certificate of Recognition by the Chief, Regional Bomb Squad, Police Regional Office CALABARZON for his invaluable support to the Regional Bomb Squad/EOD operations held in CALABARZON mostly in Rizal province and was responsible for training Handlers who wants to work abroad.
His specialization in Canine Training is now being practiced at TOP CANINE Service Provider in developing tough and effective K9 Dogs for use in different fields of security.


Search and Rescue K9 (SAR -K9) Trainer

A highly skilled K9 trainer with years of training K9 from renowned K9 Company in the Philippines. Some of his specializations were explosive and narcotic detector dog training, basic and advance dog obedience, obedience for dog shows. Not only he is knowledgeable in the above, he was also an exceptional trainer in basic life support CPR/AR and others to include the specialized skills such as: full knowledge in K9 Operations and Training, full knowledge in Animal Care and Husbandry with supervisory, full knowledge in Water Search and Rescue, full knowledge in Wilderness Search and Rescue, full knowledge in Fire and Rescue, full knowledge in Fire Truck Operation and maintenance, Full knowledge in Ambulance Operation and Maintenance, Full knowledge in Medical Responder Course with EMS upgrade, full knowledge in Mountaineering and LNT Leave No Trace Course, full knowledge in Navigation and Orienteering, full Knowledge in EMT Course with Tac Med Upgrade, extensive knowledge in ICS Incident Command System and Mass Casualties Incident Management, full knowledge in Search and Rescue, extensive knowledge in Ropemanship with mechanical advantage, full knowledge in Water safety and Rescue, and knowledge in all Hazard approach Emergency and Disaster Preparedness.


Protection / Patrol K9 Trainer

Boy is a known K9 Protection/Patrol and trainer in Taytay rizal. He is very well versed and a trainer of Municipality of Taytay K9. He is a former employee of elite K9 Training School who is offering such training and now is the Chief of Municipality of Taytay K9 Unit. He is also a former trainer of several prominent personalities, politician and Police/Military General who loves having in their residence personal protection K9.


Guest Instructor / Lecturer

A current member of the Philippine National Police with the Rank of Police Chief Master Sergeant (PCMS), Saballero is presently the designated Team Leader of the Regional Mobile Force Battalion 4A, Technical Support Company, Rizal Team. He is responsible for leading personnel deployment of EOD Teams and Technicians within the Province of Rizal. Their Mission is to Conduct Explosive Ordnance Specialized Services within the Province and has several functions of conducting Paneling and Intensive Searches, VIP Security and Protection, Bomb Threat Clearing Operations, Unattended Package Clearing, Unattended and Unexploded Military Ordnance recovery and disposal, render safe and disposal of reported Improvised Explosive Devices, conduct of sabotage and counter sabotage training for Police Personnel assigned within Rizal province, conduct seminars and training relative to explosive for civic preparedness and awareness.
A medalled police officer with 20 years of experience in Law Enforcement and has several awards and training which includes Special Counter Insurgency Operations Unit Training (Modified PNP SCOUT II), Air to Ground Operations (AGOS), Jungle Survival, Police Basic Course, Crime Scene Operations, Firearms Shooting Efficiency, Community Policing System, Traffic Police Deputation and Intelligence Informant Handling training, while his training on Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), Commercial Explosives and as an experienced Bomb Technician and K9 Handler/Trainer was his major tool in his chosen field of endeavor.

His latest learning endeavor was sponsored by the US Embassy Office of the Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program (ATAP) of the US Department of State entitled “PROTECTING THE SOFT TARGET” wherein trainees were handpicked (CBI) from different government security practitioners and was focused on target hardening measures against terrorists and violent extremism.  Further, with his work as Ordnance Specialist (OS), he is assisting the firm by sharing all the knowledge and experiences from the field to help develop K9 dogs and skilled handlers to effectively meet the challenges posed by the current security trend in the Philippine K9 industry.


Operations Consultant

Emong is a highly renowned Filipino K9 Trainer/Handler and a practitioner with exceptional skills acquired thru years of training and experience. His training were internationally acquired from his training as Certified K9 Instructor from TARHEEL North State K9 School at Sanford North Carolina USA. His specializations were Tactical Obedience, Detection Works (Narcotic and Explosive) Man Tracking / Man Trailing and Patrol Works, Explosive Ordnance Reconnaissance Agent (EORA).

He is now presently working a K9 Operations Project Manager and Kennel Master at the HART Integrated Security Solutions in Afghanistan and detailed in sensitive operational aspects of the company, while his previous assignments were K9 Team Leader and a former Vice President for Operations of Vigilant Canine Services International.