To further develop dogs and handlers that will meet the challenges of the changing times through formulating, acquiring, developing, training, employing K9 Teams and practicing different scientific methods, disciplines and approaches in the field of K9 Security Operations.


Tactical Operation and Protection Canine (TOP K-9), concurrent with its present mission and function, will employ uniformed K-9 TEAMS and personnel to act as a physical and psychological deterrent to criminal activity, K-9 TEAMS that will manage:

1. Area Security Operations

  • a. Area and perimeter reconnaissance
  • b. Screening and surveillance
  • c. Access control points (ACP’s) support
  • d. Random gate searches
  • e. Response force
  • f. Checkpoints
  • g. Cordon and search
  • h. Roadblocks
  • i. Critical site, asset, VIP security

2. Law and Order Operations

  • a. Bomb threats
  • b. Suspicious/unattended (box, package, luggage, baggage, vehicles etc.)
  • c. Search for firearms, ammunition, and explosives in:
  • i. Room/Buildings (occupied, unoccupied, or derelict)
  • ii. Vehicles (cars, bus, trucks, trains, motorcycles, or tricycles)
  • iii. Open Areas (fields, woods, hedgerows, or embankments)
  • iv. Route Clearance (roads/roadsides)
  • d. Force protection and Anti-Terrorism